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What Is Northside Associated Ministries?

Northside Associated Ministries (NAM) is a partnership of Episcopalians at St. Aidan's and Presbyterians at Northside Presbyterian who share the same church facilities and many common goals. Since 1966, both congregations have shared a unique Ecumenical Ministry serving more than 140 households. NAM is dedicated to providing an inclusive community for liturgical worship, spiritual growth and social outreach.

The Joint Assembly of Northside Associated Ministries is the oversight body for the joint operations of our two congregations and is the corporate entity that holds the property for Northside Presbyterian and St. Aidan's Episcopal Churches. It is made up of the members of Northside's Session and St. Aidan's Vestry. And, it has responsibility for the property, joint program (education, social outreach, social ) and shared staff of the organization.

NAM is committed to keeping the building open to serve as a neighborhood center. During the past fory years our building has at various times been the worship home for Metropolitan Community Church, a Korean Bible Church, a Mennonite congregation, a Serbian Orthodox mission, a community drop-in center, a nursery school, and a community sponsored spirituality study. Each week our building is used by eight Twelve-step groups. It is used as a regular meeting place for a transgender family and friends support group. The local geriatric center uses the facilities for study seminars. Reehill Gallery, located in the lounge and library, is staffed by volunteers within both congregations. Local artists frequently have their first showing at Reehill. Local musicians, often presenting their own compositions, use the sanctuaries for concerts, which are open to the public. The facility is also used as a precinct-polling place.