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The Food for the Journey Retreat Series offers spiritual and practical support for the challenges that we face in life. Taking its wisdom from the story of Elijah, in 1 Kings 19ff, in which Elijah, having performed every great act required of him by God still finds himself alone with this colleagues dead, hunted with a royal price on his head, and bone tired. So he goes south, parks under a broom tree, and goes to sleep intending to die. There, an angel comes to him twice bringing him food and drink and commands him to eat. The angel admonishes him "get up and eat, lest the journey be too hard for you." The practical and spiritual tools offered by this retreat series are designed to help us face the challenges of life's journey. While each retreat may have a different set of workshops, they are all designed to offer support to the participants and to provide a spiritual time in a beautiful setting.

Food for the Journey